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MatrizNet: Contents and Objectives

MatrizNet is the on-line collective catalogue of Museums that belong to the Portuguese Central Administration and are coordinated by the General-Directorate for Cultural Heritage, the Regional Directorates for Culture of North, Center and Alentejo, and Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua.

MatrizNet, a search engine on 34 inventory databases, remains to this day the main catalogue of its kind in Portugal and allows public access to information on over 100.000 items of the collections of those Museums.

Characterized by its innovation in the national context, MatrizNet allows for crossed searches of the Museums’ collections, for instance pertaining to a certain author, typology or historical period. MatrizNet offers three distinct levels of research – simple, oriented and advanced –, meant for different types of users. It also provides access to other kinds of information regarding museum objects, such as the biography of its author, the temporary exhibitions where it was presented or its reference bibliography.

Among the museum records available on MatrizNet, we must highlight objects that were classified or inventoried by the Portuguese State, among which the wide array of items protected as National Treasures by the Decree number 19/2006.

MatrizNet is therefore an important instrument, not only of work, for professionals related to heritage and Museums and for students, but also as a means for the wider public to discover Portuguese cultural heritage.

On-line since 2002, MatrizNet has progressively published new contents related to the collections of these Museums in text, photography, video and sound formats.

From the inventory of Matriz 3.0 to the dissemination on MatrizNet

A new cycle in the life of this collective catalogue began in 2011 altogether with the implementation of its newest version, which is characterized by several user-friedly interfaces, destined in particular for students and the wider public, and a more regular availability of new contents. We also underline the simultaneous publication of contents on MatrizNet at Europeana which disseminates cultural contents of museums, libraries and archives at a European level.

This new cycle of MatrizNet naturally accompanied the implementation of Matriz 3.0, the information system used by DGPC’s museums for the inventory, management and public dissemination of thei collections.

MatrizNet results, first and foremost, from the commitment of DGPC’s Museums to their mission to study, document and disseminate their collections.

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